Zika virus: WHO declares public health emergency!

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The World Health Organization (WHO) declared a Public Health Emergency of International Concern after the rapid increase of microencephaly cases in newborn babies, which is strongly believed to be linked to women with an infectious history of the Zika virus (ZIKV) during pregnancy.  http://www.who.int/emergencies/zika-virus/en/  

ZIKV recently emerged as an epidemic in Latin America, particularly in Brazil and the Caribbean.
Many Latin American countries are recommending that women avoid pregnancy until ZIKV is contained.
It is primarily transmitted by the same mosquitoes as Dengue and Chikungunya (CHIK) viruses, Aedes species (A. aegypti and A. albopictus).
Recently, it was found to be transmitted sexually by men, and by blood transfusion.
Zika fever shares many similar clinical symptoms with Dengue and CHIK fever.


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