RAYTRED, offers a wide range of in vitro rapid diagnostic testing kits and materials. We pride ourselves in combining advanced research and development, quality ensured manufacturing procedures and a highly experienced management and sales team to develop fast, reliable and affordable testing products to customers around the world. As a major supplier of rapid testing products to domestic hospitals, clinics, retail outlets and home users, our quality products and competitive prices have established us a clear market leader in China and as a result of our continued growth and expansion, we are now represented in over 50 countries worldwide. 

RAYTRED is developing Rapid Diagnostics Tests that make it possible to diagnose various diseases at earlier stage with the belief that we support people’s healthy and happy life.

RAYTRED guarantee the quality of all of our products by ensuring strict quality control and regulatory compliance procedures during the entire manufacturing process. Our production facilities are both GMP and ISO9001 certified. In addition to offering products under our own brand name we also have the capability to meet specific product design, packaging, and labeling requirements for companies interested in OEM.

RATRED's team of experienced scientists, managers, and salespersons understand the many issues and challenges that our partners and distributors are faced with in today’s healthcare sector. We look forward to cooperating with you and working together to meet these challenges. 

RAYTRED's fabrication center is located in Wuhan Biopharmaceutical Park. There is a GMP factory set up with a full-scale production line and supporting facilities. Currently, it provides for over 10 millions of users worldwide. RAYTRED has earned great reputation globally with our excellent service  and  quality. Guided  by the RAYTRED's  mission, “BE EARLIER, BE ACCURATE, BE HEALTHY”, we aim to be the top medical company. We hope to utilize the biological engineering technology and medical research to serve for the health of all humanity.


RAYTRED is not only a factory serving regular diagnostics rapid tests, but also a RESEARCH CENTER for popular diseas (such as: SARS virus, DENGUE virus, ZIKA virus, etc.). Welcome to discuss more with us about R&D. Let's do it together, for supporting people's healthy life.


We offer not only products, but also our R&D service.
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